It's in the design

Thought & science

We designed our garments with two key thoughts. Developing the most performance lead luxury range whilst ensuring we can close loop recycle everything turning it all back into fabric and then more product. We geeked out on sports science and had some help from sustainability experts. The end result? The ultimate in luxury eco-friendly activewear.

360 Recycled Solution

for all phantom apparel

We’ve worked hard to develop a way to return old Phantom activewear into new fabric. By sending us your old activewear we can have it shredded. Then a very clever machine sorts through all the elements before it’s turned back
into pellets, all in the UK. These are then sent to a mill where they're turned into yarn and raw fabric for Phantom. Eventually by 2025 we hope that every garment being worn from us has been part of this process.  Any emission created while we do this is offset by planting trees.

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lovingly engineered

eco gymwear

When developing our range, we knew we had to engineer fabrics that were world beating in terms of quality but also shelf life. We check through our supply chain from start to beginning, because without the right ingredients being ethically sourced how could we produce the ultimate luxury eco gym gymwear.

Good for you, good for the planet.