Chilli Beef and Tomato Ragu with Basil and Parmesan Polenta

Chilli Beef and Tomato Ragu with Basil and Parmesan Polenta

Created by Jake’s Kitchen for Phantom Apparel

Serves 2 hungry mouths

Not the quickest recipe to make but once everything is in the pan it's just a question of patience. This recipe is definitely worth the wait. Add extra chilli flakes when the recipe states if you like it a bit more spicy and goes equally well with orzo pasta if the polenta seems a bit daunting.


1 Onion, finely chopped

2 Sticks celery, roughly chopped

3 Garlic cloves, grated

500g Beef mince

2 Tbsp tomato puree

1 Beef stock pot, undiluted.

¼ Bottle of red wine

1 Tsp dried red chilli flakes

1 Tsp dried oregano or mixed herbs

2 Tins chopped tomatoes

Olive oil

Salt and pepper


For the polenta

150g Polenta

700ml hot chicken stock

40g Parmesan

25g Butter

Splash of milk (If the polenta is too thick)

Basil, shredded


Gently cook the onions and celery in a large saucepan with the olive oil over a medium heat until soft. Put a lid on which helps create steam and cook more evenly. Remove lid and add the garlic and cook for a couple of minutes. Turn heat up and add mince, cook until browned. Add wine and reduce by two thirds. Add tomato puree, stock pot, chilli flakes, oregano, chopped tomatoes, salt and pepper. Turn heat down and simmer for about two hours or until the sauce has thickened, stirring occasionally.

For the Polenta

On a medium heat bring the chicken stock to a simmer then whisk in the polenta. Then use a wooden spoon and stir for a few minutes then add the butter, parmesan and a splash of milk if the mixture looks to thick. Cook for a few more minutes over a low heat, add the basil then serve.

Jake from Jake's Kitchen cooking pasta for guests
Our compliments to the chef...

"Cooking has been a big part of my life since leaving university almost 17 years ago. I’ve never really seen it as a job, more a passion which I am fortunate enough to earn an income from. Knowing how to cook has also been so useful when it comes to my other passion - exercise.
I’m not obsessive about it but I know that I feel much better after I’ve done some, not just physically but mentally too. And it’s always been easier if I am eating well. I don’t like diets or fasts, but just try to apply a bit of common sense. Nothing is off limits, but I do pay attention to what I’m eating ands its usually easy to tell if something is doing more harm than good. Moderation is the key!
Life can be super busy so for me its all about being able to prepare food which is delicious, uncomplicated, and most importantly quick, but without compromising on health. I’m lucky that my background in food has helped me build up a bit of knowledge which I can use when cooking for myself and my family, and I'm pleased to share it with you through the Phantom Apparel brand."


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