We are a small business with big plans, we’re not perfect yet but we continue to strive for perfection.

At launch we had a clear vision of a brand we wanted to create but alongside this we wanted to ensure that we go about building our community in a sustainable way. We developed our four step sustainability platform which puts us on course with where we want to end up.

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Thank you Ellie & James Russell - Founders 

Our mission goals

  • Use only recyclable or upcycled textiles
  • Develop 95% closed loop recyclable apparel by 2025
  • Our factories must all meet Sedex and Ethical Trading Initiative
  • Plant 1,000,000 trees (who doesn’t love a tree?)

Where are we at now?


We’re working with our factories and mills to source the most sustainable fabric. As we move into 2021 our new ranges will start to include these types of fabric and we will be launching a recognisable logo so you can see with confidence that what you are wearing has come from upcycling.

Close Loop Cycle

We have started work on developing a 95% recyclable Phantom Apparel range. We will eventually be set up to receive your old activewear and turn it back into fabric pellets then yarn and then back into more apparel.

Factory standards & Ethics

All our factories abide by Sedex and the Ethical Trading Initiative helping ensure that they adhere to responsible and sustainable labour, health and safety, environmental and business standards.


We love trees. Part of our social responsibility is to keep giving back to the planet. Our pledge is to plant 1,000,000 oak trees by 2031 with the One Tree Planted.

We are a member of One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation that plants trees on our behalf.